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IPS 4.4升級到IPS 4.5 [繁體]


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上傳IPS 4.5壓縮包到寶塔面板,解壓縮 覆蓋





開始IPS 4.4升級到IPS 4.5










IPS 4.5停用BBCode支援

BBCode Processing
(.) Disable BBCode support
BBCode is a lightweight markup language that was originally designed to allow users to submit rich content prior to the advancement of WYSIWYG editors by using special tags within square brackets (for instance, to bold content you would manually type out [b]bolded text[/b]). This version of Invision Community deprecates BBCode support. This functionality will continue if enabled, but may be completely removed in a future version. What does this mean for you? If your community does not rely on legacy BBCode support, we recommend you opt to disable it now for greater posting performance and reliability. If you do rely on BBCode, you may choose to keep it enabled at this time, however we encourage you to explore ways to transition to the preferred, native editor.

Pruning Defaults
(.) Use new pruning defaults
New pruning options have been introduced in this release which will remove old item markers, follow records, member IP addresses and known member devices. Pruning this data can reduce the size of your database, improving your site's performance and potentially saving you money, however it will mean that unread markers will be reset and follow records will be removed for members who have not visited for a long period of time, and IP addresses and devices will be removed after a year. The time periods to retain this data can be configured in the AdminCP after upgrading. Do you wish to use the new pruning default values?




















論壇後台 -> 系統 -> 支援 -> 你需要什麼幫助? -> 某些功能無法正常運行。我要清除快取 -> 繼續






論壇後台 -> 系統 -> 搜尋引擎最佳化 -> 重建網站地圖






論壇後台 -> 系統 -> 搜尋 -> 重建搜尋索引


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