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正版授权转换为 Invision Community Classic

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Self-hosted Plan 正版授权修改了


How to switch to Community Classic terms


我的理解:IPS官网再一次针对大版本升级做限制,当初 IPB 3.x 升级 IPB 4.0 也是因此要多付钱

旧客户如果不想升级到Invision Community Classic 官方插件全套版本 (Invision Community 5.0)

旧客户还是可续约,但只能停留在Invision Community 4.x版本,不能升级到Invision Community 5.0版本

官方会持续几年的时间来维护Invision Community 4.x的安全性更新

总之要多花钱升级到Invision Community 5.0





我正版授权已过期几个月,干脆直接更改升级为Invision Community Classic





Invision Community Classic

License Pricing Changes
In the past we sold Invision Community with the option to choose which of the various apps you wanted. This was great for purchasing flexibility but limited our ability to provide a cohesive experience. We have streamlined our offerings by combining the entire suite into a single package. Now you can really have it all at a more affordable price.
Speaking of affordability, we have increased our payment flexibility and are now offering monthly payments of rather than the 6-month renewal term. Just $19 per month gets you the entire Invision Community Suite. If you prefer to pay annually, we offer a discounted renewal rate of $199 per year.
Previously, you would spend up to $300 per year in renewal fees, but now with this new flat rate, you can pay as little as $199 per year.

Upgrade your License
When you upgrade your license, you will automatically gain access to all of the apps. The most exciting change is that you now have access to Commerce and it’s ability to sell premium access, accept donations, and sell digital items or advertising. You will also gain new features of monetization not previously available.
If you haven’t used Pages before, you will gain access to our powerful page builder system. With Pages, you can build beautiful front pages, post articles, operate a blog, and so much more. All these new application options are available to you to bring your community to even greater success.
We can’t wait to see how you grow with these features!





Free Conversion of your License
Convert your license today to receive renewal date extension.

There is no cost to switch your license, however your license renewal terms and prices will change and depending on which apps you have today, your renewal cost could go up or down. Because you are an existing client, we are offering to extend your renewal date when converting to help smooth this transition.




Switch to Invision Community Classic license terms




By accepting the new license terms you will gain access to the entire Invision Community Classic edition suite under the license agreement and service terms of that package. Your renewal cost will change to $199 per year or $19 per month and your next renewal date will change to xxxxxx, 2024.
You cannot revert your license to our old terms and pricing. You understand that our Cloud platform and Classic edition are different products and therefore not all features and levels of support available in the Cloud platform are available in the Classic edition. You can switch from Classic to cloud platform at any time by contacting us.
Licenses that expire without payment will immediately lose access to support, upgrades, spam prevention, geo location, and more. Reinstating a license will require catching up on any missed monthly payments or pay a full year renewal. 

Licenses not renewed after 24 months will be expired permanently and cannot be renewed, but you may purchase a new license for full price.





旧授权升级到 Invision Community Classic










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