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Introducing the All-New vBulletin 6

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Introducing the All-New vBulletin 6

vBulletin is pleased to announce the release of vBulletin 6, a major evolution of its widely used community software that powers more than 40,000 online communities and the most capable version of vBulletin in its 20-year history.

Driven by customer feedback, vBulletin 6 brings comprehensive product refinements, including enhanced performance, robust support, and the addition of several highly requested features, including Shopify integration. It can be sampled in action on the vBulletin.com discussion forum, which has already been upgraded to vBulletin 6.

As with prior versions, vBulletin 6 is available via traditional software license for locally hosted installations as well as through vBulletin Cloud, the company’s subscription-based option that includes hosting and maintenance services.

Shopify Integration + Many More Enhancements

Among the most notable upgrades in vBulletin 6 is integration with the Shopify API, which is included at no additional charge. vBulletin community operators can now import products for sale via RSS Feed or BBCode. Shopify items will include an image, description, and a Buy button.

Additional enhancements in vBulletin 6 include:

Modern Style
A new default style gives vBulletin a fresh, modern look. Fonts, colors, and icons have been updated to ensure a consistent appearance across devices. Bold and vibrant colors highlight primary UI elements while minimal icons are used selectively to enhance the design. The new default font, Poppins, is a sans-serif chosen for its simplicity and readability.

As always, vBulletin sites can be customized using Style Variables, custom CSS, and the ability to edit style templates.

Emoji-style reactions are now integrated with the vBulletin reputation system and replace Likes throughout the system. Users can select from various reactions, such as thumbs up, thumbs down, and other emotion-based reactions.

Reactions can be used with Topics, Replies, and Comments.

Event Queue
A new Event Queue significantly enhances performance and moves events to the server command line. The Event Queue includes tasks such as creating notifications for new posts.

Pricing & Support
vBulletin 6 licenses will retail for $179, which includes one year of free updates and one month of ticket support from vBulletin’s word-renowned support team. The average vBulletin support ticket is answered within 24 hours.
After the first year, purchasing a maintenance service add-on ($79) will provide access to updates for an additional year. New in vBulletin 6, maintenance add-ons provide enhanced support through robust updates every eight weeks.

vBulletin Cloud packages running vBulletin 6 start at $14.99/month. Existing vBulletin Cloud communities will be upgraded to vBulletin 6 at no charge.
To purchase vBulletin 6 or vBulletin Cloud, visit www.vbulletin.com.

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