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screen -S lnmp

cd /root/lnmp2.0/

./install.sh db


You have 11 options for your DataBase install.
1: Install MySQL 5.1.73
2: Install MySQL 5.5.62 (Default)
3: Install MySQL 5.6.51
4: Install MySQL 5.7.42
5: Install MySQL 8.0.33
6: Install MariaDB 5.5.68
7: Install MariaDB 10.4.29
8: Install MariaDB 10.5.20
9: Install MariaDB 10.6.13
10: Install MariaDB 10.11.3
0: DO NOT Install MySQL/MariaDB
Enter your choice (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 0): 

選擇MariaDB 10.6



Using Generic Binaries [y/n]: 

選擇 y


二進制包 (Generic Binaries)
看你系統版本,安裝要求上有說明,如果你的系統版本過低不支援mysql 8.0.33直接 y 就可以了



Please setup root password of MySQL
Please enter: 


MySQL root password: lnmp.org#隨機數字



Do you want to enable or disable the InnoDB Storage Engine?
Default enable,Enter your choice [Y/n]: 
按 y



Press any key to install...or Press Ctrl+c to cancel




因為一開始就用指令 screen -S lnmp 去安裝

那麼恢復連線,可以敲指令繼續 screen -r lnmp

MariaDB: OK
MariaDB root password: lnmp.org#XXXXX
Install mariadb-10.6.13 completed! enjoy it.

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