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Step: System Check

PHP Requirements -> PHP要求,最好都是 v 通過的狀態
v PHP version 8.3.7.
v cURL extension loaded.
v Multibyte String extension loaded
v DOM extension loaded
v GD extension loaded
v MySQLi extension loaded
v OpenSSL extension loaded
v Session extension loaded
v SimpleXML extension loaded
v XML extension loaded
v XMLReader extension loaded
v XMLWriter extension loaded
v Phar extension loaded
v Zip extension loaded
v Exif extension loaded
v 512 MB memory limit.

File System Requirements -> 都要 v 可寫入的狀態
v /var/www/域名.com/applications is writable
v /var/www/域名.com/datastore is writable
v /var/www/域名.com/plugins is writable
v /var/www/域名.com/uploads is writable
v /var/www/域名.com/uploads/logs is writable

Continue ->


License Key -> [v] I have read and agree to the license agreement


-> Continue

Applications to install -> 選擇你要安裝的官方插件 -> Continue ->



MySQL Server Details

Host -> localhost

Username -> 資料庫用戶名

Password -> 資料庫用戶密碼

Database Name -> 資料庫名

Port -> 3306

Socket -> /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

Site URL -> https://域名.com/

 -> Continue



Step: Admin


Display Name


Confirm Password

Email Address

-> Continue



Your Invision Community 4 is ready

Go to the suite  到論壇前台

Go to the admincp 到論壇後台




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